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Alt-Tab Thingy 3.4.0

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Alt-Tab Thingy 3.4.0  ログを変更

- Added Blacklist feature. Removes applications from the task preview
(right-click on them to enable.
- Added Alternate Hotkey. Access ATT with an alternate "Alt+Key"
combination, without altering the standard Windows Alt-Tab function -
use both at the same time!
- Added Taskbar Previews. When you hover the mouse over a taskbar, you
will see previews for open windows above the taskbar.

- Fixed settings to be in native WIN32 code. The new settings is a
control panel applet, and is written entirely in C++. There should be no
further problems running the settings, as the only dependency on ATT3.4.0 settings is that you are running Win XP!

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