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K Lite Codec Pack 4.3.1

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K Lite Codec Pack 4.3.1  ログを変更

  • Updated Media Player Classic to version rev. 85
  • Updated Media Player Classic Homecinema to version 1.1.891
  • Updated ffdshow to revision 2322
  • ffdshow is now able to decode E-AC3 and Dolby TrueHD audio. You must select ffdshow as AC3 decoder to be able to use that functionality.
  • Updated DC-Bass Source to version 1.2.0
  • Updated FLV splitter to version
  • FLV files that contains H.264 video and AAC audio are now fully supported
  • Updated DivX to version 6.8.5
  • Updated x264VFW to revision 1024
  • Added GraphStudio version
  • Removed GraphEdit
  • Updated MediaInfo Lite to version
  • Minor changes

K Lite Codec Pack 4 ビルド

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