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Nero Kwik Media 11.0.15300

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# New Features
* Photo product creation now possible – Printed Photo books, cards and calendars can now be created and ordered and will be delivered to your home
* Users can now upload videos from Kwik Media to their Facebook accounts
* Importing, browsing and transferring photos and music to portable devices is now possible with the basic free version of Nero Kwik Media
# Changes/Bugfixes
* Lossless rotation - rotating photos does not affect the resolution anymore
* Rotating of photos is now also possible by using the right mouse button
* Kwik Media automatically remembers the last position in photo browsing when returning overview
* For usability reasons the entry in the left sidebar for optical discs is only visible when an optical disc in inserted
* Users can now directly start to create a photo product from Kwik Media's start page

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