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RoboForm 6.9.4

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RoboForm 6.9.4  ログを変更

  • Show little lock on password-protected Passcards, Identities, Safenote icons in menus.
  • Implement RoboForm - GoodSync integration:
  • (i) Command Sync RoboForm Data that calls GoodSync to sync RF data with backup/portable folder.
  • (ii) When GoodSync finishes syncing, it calls RoboForm to re-read new passcards.
  • (iii) If GoodSync is not installed, Sync RoboForm Data offers to install GoodSync.
  • RF Pro can be activated at install time by command line argument \"/act=orderid,FirstName LastName\".
  • Add form filling from Identities for Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Traditional Chinese.
  • Warn about Identity Custom Fields preventing Standard Fields from filling correctly.
  • Fix several small Vista issues, mostly related to permissions and UAC.
  • Allow backing up RoboForm data files to encrypted folders.

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