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uTorrent 1.1.6

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uTorrent 1.1.6  ログを変更

  • Fix: Better multitracker support.
  • Fix: When skipping files, it would corrupt the Partfile, resulting in hash fails.
  • Fix: Disk Overloaded was shown too often.
  • Change: : Only show the "dangerous file" dialog when trying to open an executable file.
  • Feature:The sorted column is now shown in a different color (Only after you clicked sort once)
  • Feature:Create start menu shortcut the first time uTorrent runs.
  • Feature:Show more info in the tray tooltip.
  • Feature:Support lazy-bitfields, required for some ISPs, or seeding won't work.
  • Feature:New page to setup advanced settings.
  • Feature:Remember a peer's upload/download even if it reconnects.
  • Feature:Support sparse files on NTFS (But please use this with care, it will fragment your drive).

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