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uTorrent 1.7 Build 1952

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uTorrent 1.7 Build 1952  ログを変更

- Feature: Client ID parsing for Blizzard Downloader
- Feature: Now remembers which log settings you had on each run when changed from the logger context menu
- Change: display text strings instead of numbers for piece priority
- Change: reply with "invalid request" if the webui is queried on the wrong port
- Change: RSS filter by episode can specify ending season in addition to episode
- Change: bt.graceful_shutdown waits for all cleanup before exiting
- Fix: Font size of progress bars in the main listview is the same as the rest of the listview
- Fix: fix piece priority display bug (incorrect index)
- Fix: Copy Selected Hosts now copies multiple hosts with a carriage return and a newline rather then just a newline
- Fix: Crash when clicking in window with torrent and then moving mousewheel outside application
- Fix: Log when the UPNP fails on the timeout (20 minutes), and on each timeout retry 3 times as it does at application launch

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